John Peters Ringo Jury Report
Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:35

There has been a lot of posing on Johnny Ringo's death on 7-13-1882. The following is the official
Coroners Jury Report on his death. Read it, make your own decision:

B.F. Smith. The undersigned reviewed the body and found it in a sitting posture facing west, the head inclined to the right. There was a bullet hole in the right temple, the bullet coming out on the top of the head on the left side. There is apparently a part of the scalp gone, including a small portion of the forehead and part of the hair, this looks as if cut out by a knife-These are the only marks of violence visble on the body.
Several of the undersigned identify the body as that of John Ringo, well known in Tombstone. He was dressed in light hat, blue shirt, vest, pants and drawers, on his feet were a pair of hose and undershirt torn up so as to protect his feet. He had evidently travelled but a short distance in this foot gear. His revolver, he grasped in his right hand, his rifle rested against the tree close to him-He had two cartridge belts, the belt for the revolver cartridges being buckled on upside down.
The undernoted property were found with him and on his person: 1 colts revolver Cal 45, No. 222, containing 5 cartridges; 1 winchester rife-octogon barrel, Cal 45, Model 1876, No. 21896 containing a cartridge in the breach and 10 in the magazine; 1 cartridge belt containing 2 revolver cartridges; 1 silver watch of American watch company, No. 9339 with silver chain attached; 2 dollars and 60 cents ($2.60) in money; 6 pistol cartridges in his pocket; 5 shirt studs, 1 small pocket knife; 1tobacco pipe; 1 comb; 1 box matches; 1 small piece of tobacco.
There is also a portion of a letter from Messrs. Hereford & Zabriske, Attorney's At Law, Tucson (to the deceased John Ringo).
The above property is left in the possession of Frederick Ward, Teamster between Morse Mill and Tombstone. The body of the deceased was buried close to where it was found-deceased, had been dead about 24 hours.
COroner's Jury
Thomas White A.E. Lewis W.J. Darril
John Blake A.S. Nieghbors J.C. McGregor
John W. Bradford James Morgan John Yoast
B.F. Smith Robert Boller Fred Ward
W.W. Smith

    • Re: John Peters Ringo Jury ReportCarolyn Lafever, Tue Mar 6 08:40
      In researching the owners of a historic property in Centerville, IN, I found Peter Ringo's name as a purchaser of lot #59 in 1817 for $130. Centrville was still a new town, just becoming the county... more
    • Re: John Peters Ringo Jury Reportbob g., Thu Jul 9 21:06
      i believe that either 1 of the earp brothers, or doc holliday, murdered johnny ringo, and placed him in a position that would suggest that he committed suicide. If he did committ suicide, then how... more
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