Re: John Peters Ringo Jury Report
Thu Jul 9, 2009 21:06

i believe that either 1 of the earp brothers, or doc holliday, murdered johnny ringo, and placed him in a position that would suggest that he committed suicide. If he did committ suicide, then how was he in such a physical state that suggested that part of his hair and top part near his forehead were sliced away with a knife? history labeled the cowboys, et al, clantons, mclaurerys, curly bill brosious, and johnny ringo as killers, but what about all the earps and doc holliday...they weren't exactly choir boys, either!

  • John Peters Ringo Jury ReportJim Ringo, Sun Jun 14 10:35
    There has been a lot of posing on Johnny Ringo's death on 7-13-1882. The following is the official Coroners Jury Report on his death. Read it, make your own decision: B.F. Smith. The undersigned... more
    • Re: John Peters Ringo Jury ReportCarolyn Lafever, Tue Mar 6 08:40
      In researching the owners of a historic property in Centerville, IN, I found Peter Ringo's name as a purchaser of lot #59 in 1817 for $130. Centrville was still a new town, just becoming the county... more
    • Re: John Peters Ringo Jury Report — bob g., Thu Jul 9 21:06
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