Re: Johnny Ringo Grave Site
Thu Aug 20, 2009 04:10

I have visited many web sites concerning the location of Ringo's gravesite. The best description so far is "between Morse Mill and Tombstone". But I find no refence to Morse Mill on any maps ANYWHERE. How do all the folks who have visited the site ever find it? I understand there are no signs on "the road" wherever "the road" may be. HOW DO YOU GET PERMISSION FROM THE OWNER IF THE PROPERTY IS SO WELL HIDDEN AND KEPT SECRET? I'm going through Tombstone again soon and would like to make this side trip.

  • Johnny Ringo Grave SiteJim Ringo, Sat Jun 6 08:48
    John Peters Ringo was buried next to the tree where he was found dead. The grave is marked John Ringo and is located on private property in Cochise County, AZ between Morse Mill and Tombstone. It is... more
    • Re: Johnny Ringo Grave Site — Anonymous, Thu Aug 20 04:10
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