Doc Holiday
Sun May 26, 2013 10:40

Wyatt and his family moved to town because this was a good time to take advantage of the gold rush everyone was heading somewhere to pan/dig for gold. The town then, was booming with business. Yes, Doc was a dentist from a fine family. He was an absolutely great poker player and extremely intelligent. For some reason Wyatt took to him and they became good friends. He didn't really *take up* with the Earps, he passed through Tombstone when the Earp's were playing lawmen at the time. He traveled a lot from town to town with his female side-kick, big nose kate. They fought like cats and dogs but he took care of her and she of him. I think they had a good thing going because Doc was dying from TB and he made a lot of money gambling, so it seems that Kate was left enough money to live on in exchange for taking care of "her man". In 1981 My husband brought a man home, we had just moved out west. As it turned out, the man was indeed a descendant of Doc's. Hope some of this helps you understand the situation better.

  • doc holidayroy, Wed Dec 24 15:32
    dose anyone know why doc turn not so good.he was very educated a dr of dentistry why would he take up with the earps i dont know he seem to have a mean streak in did he get from georgia to... more
    • Re: doc holidayelizabeth, Sun May 26 10:47
      Also you asked about his *mean streak* Really, he didn't have one. People were different back then. And Doc became a constant drinker as he knew that his days were numbered because of the... more
    • Doc Holiday — elizabeth, Sun May 26 10:40
      • Re: Doc Holidayvonfrese, Tue May 28 14:16
        There is a connection with Cole Younger and the family of Jesse James in Clay county. I believe Mary(Johnny's mother) had a sister who was married to Cole Younger. The Simms is connected somewhere to ... more
    • Doc HolidayLuther Gale Baker, Mon Jul 20 15:13
      Doc got T.B. form his mother, and went west for because it was thought the dry air was suppose to be good for T.B.Doc took up gambleing, because with T.B. coughing all over the person in the chair he ... more
      • Doc Holiday, ect.elizabeth, Sun May 26 10:55
        One thing that does bother me is the way that the movie Tombstone has shone a different light on each character and isn't exactly accurate. When you fall in love with a character i guess it is fun to ... more
      • DOC HOLIDAYROY, Tue Jul 21 11:42
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