Possible Johnny Ringo Photo
Love to see other Johnny Ringo Photos
Fri Aug 19, 2016 19:42

Are there other Johnny Ringo photos other than the one I find on Google? To date I am only aware of one verified photo. I have a photo that I believe could possibly be Johnny Ringo and would love to have some help in verifying it.

Did this person with the family portrait ever provide a link to the photo?

Here is my photo:


  • John Ringo Family picAnonymous, Sat Jan 10 22:23
    Hello, I am a descendant of Johnny Ringo and have come across an old family portrait of John Ringo with his wife and 2 children that has been tucked away in an old family bible. this picture is of... more
    • Love to see other Johnny Ringo Photos — Possible Johnny Ringo Photo, Fri Aug 19 19:42
    • John Ringo family photorhondajhull, Sun Feb 2 10:19
      My husband and I have been researching the John Ringo for many years and are hoping to change history by having the death re-examined. We do not believe it was suicide and have enough sufficient... more
    • Johnny Ringo PicturesJim Ringo, Tue Jan 27 07:43
      There are a lot of John Ringo's in the Ringo family. Let me know your line of the Ringo family and I should be able to ID the pictures for you
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