Pete Spence and Ringo
Mon Dec 31, 2007 23:35

What's the earliest known reference you know of that mentions that Ringo and Spence knew each other, if at all? Was Spence around during the Mason County War or NM? I'm trying to establish a link between Ringo, Spence and a man named Wm. Harrison Hudgens, who is mentioned during the MCW, the LCW and Tombstone.

    • Spence-RingoJim Ringo, Tue Jul 1 09:25
      The Ringo Family History reflects a Ringo-Spence connection with Lyda Elizabeth Ringold (Ringo) marriage to John Spence in 1944 probably in Mississippi. They had one son Joseph Oliver Spence. Lyda... more
      • Re: Spence-RingoPhyllis Epure (Rhinegold), Mon Jan 5 09:25
        I was going through some of my dad's stuff and found pictures of John Ringo and alos his bible. I know I am related. My uncle spelled our last name Ringold but we spelled it Rhinegold which was the... more
        • Re: Spence-RingoJim Ringo, Tue Jan 6 08:22
          Some members of the Ringo family changed their name spelling to Ringold and Ringgold. There is a Ringgold family that settled in Maryland, from England in 1750. There are 70 different spellings of... more
    • Re: Pete Spence and RingoSteve Gatto, Thu Jan 3 16:07
      Troy, Off the top of my head I can't think of any connection between Ringo and Spence before the Tombstone years. And there's not much evidence, if any, that Spence interacted with Ringo while he was ... more
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