Death of Johnny Ringo
Tue Jan 8, 2008 22:44

My grandad, Ike Price (1888-1966), raised in the area of where Johnny Ringo died and the son of a Pionner Arizona ranching family guided by Mary (sometime's called Molly or Granma) Price told me numerous times that someone else shot Johnny Ringo, that he did not committ suicide! He became friends with a number of those who had viewed the body of Johnny Ringo and based on his personal experiences he told me: "There are only two reasons that a cowboy would remove his boots! One is to go to bed and the other is because he is so damn drunk he thinks he has snakes in his boots!" And knowing my grandfather as well as did and his drinking abilities I would tend to agree with him! There were many times that I saw my grandad go to bed without even removing his boots and, apparently without the snakes but quite inebriated! Respectfully submitted: Guy M. Price

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