Luther Gale Baker
Ringo,& Earps distance cousins?
Wed Feb 20, 2008 16:10

My Great Great Grand mother was Pamelia Gillie Ann Earp Born 22 Nov,1852 Ark.. A third cousin to Wyatt Earp, and brothers. I was looking at my mothers page on and clicked an icon, find famous relatives. One of the people it said that was suppose be a relative was Johnny Ringo, gunfighter.I had never heard of this connection, but I know little of my Mothers family. I was raised by my Fathers family in Oklahoma. The common ancestor is Thomas Budd born 23 May 1617 in Surry England. Wyatt came from Thomas's son William Budd born 13 May 1649 of Somerset, England, William married Ann Clapgut born 1655 Somerset England. Ringo is from Thomas's daughter Elizabeth Budd born 1635 Cheshire England. Her husbands name was John Simcock born 1635 also of Cheshire England. Has anyone heard of Wyatt, and Ringo being distance cousins. I only know a little about geneology, but I hope someone out there, with more ability can run with this info, and find out if this claim is a fact. So many times a line looks good,but turns out false. I have a little more information on the lines if needed. Thank You form Y'alls time. Luther Gale Baker

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