Gus Keene
Johnny Ringo's death
Fri Feb 22, 2008 03:49

What kind of revolver did Ringo have ?
It it has been similar to the Colt SAA and the chamber under
the hammer was empty, he cannot have commited suicide unless
he wasn't alone.
He couldn't have fired a bullet though his head and taken out
the empty cartridge afterwards. Either someone assisted him
or he was killed.
In case he was killed, it must not neccesarily have been murder as he had his gun in hand.
Isn't it possible that he took off his boots because he met
a girl (Kate for instance, who might have had a reason to
kill him.)

    • Johnny Ringo's deathJoe Poncho, Mon Apr 14 10:01
      The chamber under the hammer was empty by all accounts so he was carrying the gun wisely. Never have your hammer under a live round. He couldn't of committed suicide because there were NO powder... more
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