JR gravesite
Sat Feb 23, 2008 22:10

Is there any way to post pictures on this forum? I just visited the gravesite of Johnny Ringo and have some pictures I would like to post of the grave and the area.

Very interesting area with a nice pond behind the area where he died. There is also a plaque from the Cochise County Historical Society. It says:

Historic Site

John Ringo

The remains of this noted gunman and outlaw lie here. A Teamster traveling from West Turkey Creek found the body sitting in the fork of a tree with a bullet hole in the right temple.

A coroner's jury reported the death to be suicide, and Ringo was buried on the spot. There were others who viewed the body and maintained that the July 13, 1882, death of Ringo was murder.

Cochise County
Archaeological and Historical Society
The Arizona Historical Society

    • Re: JR gravesiteKevin, Sun Dec 12 00:33
      I would love to see the pics. I think there is something hidden in that pond as well
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