Jim Ringo
John Ringo
Sun Mar 2, 2008 16:20

Ole Johnny is still buried by the tree and I understand it is a tourist attraction. I've had conversations with several of my Ringo relatives and we mostly agree that his present burial spot is appropriate. Besides if we tried to move him back to Wayne County, some guy from Tombstone would probably start shooting at us. I had an interview with the local newspaper, the Tombstone Tumbleweed a few years ago. I wanted to let them know that Johnny Ringo came from good family. His Uncle was the first Sepreme Court Justice for the state of Arkansas. They weren't that interested, but they did do 3 articles on my interview.

  • john ringoroy, Sun Mar 2 15:47
    hi jim is his body still buried by the tree.are did the family brought him back to indiana.it looks like a tourist attraction. thanks
    • John Ringo — Jim Ringo, Sun Mar 2 16:20
      • john ringo (for jim)jeff cobb, Mon Mar 3 08:51
        do you know if his family ever kept or got possession of any of his old guns?
        • Johnny's gunsJim Ringo, Mon Mar 3 09:21
          Johnny didn't have much contact with his family after his brother Martin was killed in Texas during the HooDoo War. He made one or two visits with his Mom and sisters in California when he was in... more
          • johnnys gunsjeff cobb, Mon Mar 3 12:47
            do you know if any ever made their way into any collections or museums?
            • Re: johnnys gunsSteve Gatto, Thu Mar 13 08:17
              John Ringo's Winchester rifle and Colt pistol, along with other items, were given to his family in San Jose, California, after his death. The rifle was purportedly lost when the San Francisco... more
            • Johnny's GunsJim Ringo, Mon Mar 3 14:20
              What ever guns Johnny had when he died were with him when him by the tree. We always assumed they were picked up by the sheriff.
              • Johnny's GunBrooke, Mon Jun 29 16:35
                I have seen one of the guns. Apparently my great-uncle was there when he died. As they moved his body the gun from his boot fell out. I was told that my great-uncle grabbed it and turned it into the... more
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