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Ringo-Coleman-James Families
Wed Mar 12, 2008 09:43

I was in Tombstone a couple years ago and interviewed with the Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper. I tryed to convey that Johnny Ringo was from good family. None of that was printed in the 3 articles on the interview. Let me try here. The Missouri-Kansas border was the site of many lawless acts in the savage hatreds before the Civil War. Just as the War divided families between the North and South, so the times seem to have divided them into good and bad. Johnny Ringo's Aunt Gus (Augusta Peters) married Col. Coleman Younger, Uncle of the outlaw Cole Younger and his brothers, but Colonel Younger himself an eminently respectble man. Johnny Ringo's great Uncle, Benjamin Simms, married the windowed mother (Zerelda Cole James) of Jesse and Frank James. But all of these families consisted for the most part of worthy, respectable, even distinguished members. Johnny's own uncle, Daniel Ringo, was Chief Justice of the Arkansas Surpreme Court.

  • Ringo Family HistoryJim Ringo, Mon Feb 25 16:01
    It was not by accident that John Peters Ringo was a good marksman. Several of the Ringo family memberd moved from Montgomery County, Kentucky, where John's grandfather, Peter Ringo was born... more
    • Re: Ringo Family Historysparky, Fri Sep 19 15:51
      well good for you . . . too bad your life is so boring that you have to sit around and read crap like this wishing you really were an alcoholic outlaw with suicidal tendencies. freaks
    • Ringo-Coleman-James Families — Jim Ringo, Wed Mar 12 09:43
      • Ringo, Younger & James FamilyJim Ringo, Thu Mar 13 10:28
        After posting the previous post, I was in contact with Dave Johnson, the authur of several John Ringo books, including; John Ringo & Mason County HooDoo War. He is in process of another John Ringo... more
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