Jim Ringo
Ringo, Younger & James Family
Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:28

After posting the previous post, I was in contact with Dave
Johnson, the authur of several John Ringo books, including;
John Ringo & Mason County HooDoo War. He is in process of another John Ringo book. I then spoke to David Leer Ringo, our Ringo family genealogy leader, who advised he had
recently donated several boxes of documents on John Ringo to the Folson Historical Society in Louisville, Ky. They include a handwriting analysis of a letter Johnny wrote prior to his death in Tombstone. David said he never had
a chance to review the analysis. If there is anyone in Louisville, Ky out there, stop by the Folson Historical Society and ask to see the report and let us know what
was going on with ole cousin Johnny

  • Ringo-Coleman-James FamiliesJim Ringo, Wed Mar 12 09:43
    I was in Tombstone a couple years ago and interviewed with the Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper. I tryed to convey that Johnny Ringo was from good family. None of that was printed in the 3 articles on... more
    • Ringo, Younger & James Family — Jim Ringo, Thu Mar 13 10:28
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