Jim Ringo
Re: Ringo Family Lines
Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:00

Tom; Your in the Cornelius Ringo Line, Vol IV of the Ringo Family History. John Peters Ringo is in Vol V. The comment that we didn't want Johnny Ringo in our family tree was felt by all Ringo's until Hollywood started making movies about him. I interviewed the Tombstone Tumbleweed Newspaper a few years ago. I was trying to point out that Johnny Ringo came from good family. i.e. his Uncle Daniel Ringo, was the first Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. Several others were doctors and lawyers. They were not interested in the good stuff on Johnny's family, but they did 3 artiles on my interview. After the death of Henry Ringo (our common grandfather) in Montgomery Co, Ky, My line (Philip Ringo) your line and Johnny Ringo's line moved to Indiana. Asa Wilokinson Ringo's brother; Otis Orr Ringo was a devoted Ringo genealogist. Otis was born 1-1-1875 in Indiana. He was in the hardware business and served 3 times as Indiana State Representative. In 1934 he was President of the Society of Ringo Descnedants. He died in Muncie, Ind on 5-11-1965. Tom. You need a copy of the Ringo Family History, now in 14 Volumes. We donated copies to several libraries. Let me know what state you in and I will advise were a copy is on file.

  • Ringo Family LinesTom Ringo, Mon Aug 11 20:20
    I haven't seen the multi-volume set, understand it is in the Indianapolis Public Library. I do have a condensed single volume that was done by Nathaniel Usher Ringo at the same time as the... more
    • Re: Ringo Family Lines — Jim Ringo, Tue Aug 12 11:00
      • Ringo Family LinesTom Ringo, Sun Aug 17 09:55
        I am in Louisiana. I was under the impression that Nat. U wrote the original volume set? Good to hear there is more than one copy floating around, have always heard the original set was donated to... more
        • Ringo Family HistoryJim Ringo, Sun Aug 17 10:50
          Tom, A complete copy was donated to the State Public Library of Louisiana at 701 N. Fourth in Baton Rouge.
    • Ringo Family LinesTom Ringo, Mon Aug 11 20:32
      Realized I inadvertently made an error next to Cornelius Ringo identifying him as the brother of John Peters Ringo, rather, John Peters Ringo was the great-grandson of Major Ringo
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