Jim Ringo
Henry Ringo
Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:21

Tom, You may be onto something. The Ringo Family History reflects Henry Ringo married Katherine (Pleakanstalver?)b. 10-7-1786. The brackets and question mark indicates there was doubt as to Katherine's maiden name. Henry Ringo was 6th child of 7 born to Philip Ringo & Margaret Major. Philip Ringo died in Loudoun Co, Va at age 35. After Philip's death Margaret and the 7 children moved to her father-in-law's farm in Montogomery Co, Ky. Interesting note, Their 7th child was named Reuben. Which may indicate a Ribelin connection. Philip Ringo's early death created a disruption that affects his descendants even today. I understand you are in contact with Catherine Hill, a Ringo family genealogist and may provide her with your documentation. I am in the Philip Ringo line, Vol III, and very interested. John Peters Ringo is in the Major Ringo line Vol V. His family and most of the Philip Ringo chilldren left Montgomery Co, Ky in the early 1800's together for Indiana.

  • Henry RingoTom Thompson, Fri Aug 29 17:09
    One of my lines is from William Ribelin who died 4 November 1822 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. His children are listed in his will. Among his daughters is Katherine, wife of Henry Ringo. From the... more
    • Henry Ringo — Jim Ringo, Sat Aug 30 10:21
      • Henry RingoTom Thompson, Sat Aug 30 10:30
        Jim, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am in contact with Catherine Hill and will send her documentation for Katherine Ribelin and Henry Ringo. I made a slight error in that I do not have a will for... more
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