Steve Gatto
Re: Haslett brothers
Fri Sep 26, 2008 09:46


The stories of John Ringo being involved in the killing of the Haslett brothers are not substantiated in any way. It appears that James Crain, who was involved in the Kinnear stage robbery along with Bill Leonard and Harry Head, and a group of men killed the Haslett brothers during June 1881. John Ringo was known to have left Arizona prior to the death of the Hasletts in June 1881. This is illustrated by the fact that John Ringo was arrested in early May 1881 in Austin, Texas, by Ben Thompson. From Texas, Ringo apparently went to Missouri and did not arrive back in Arizona from Liberty, Missouri, until July 1881. There simply is no evidence that Ringo was involved in the death of the Haslett brothers in June 1881 and it appears more likely that Ringo was not even in Arizona or New Mexico at the time the brothers were killed – having gone to Texas and Missouri.
Unfortunately, while editing “Johnny Ringo,” I took out the information about the Haslett brothers’ killing – though I had intended to discuss the event I never put anything about the matter back in the book

Thanks for reading my book and hope you enjoyed it.

  • Haslett brothersStanley, Tue Sep 23 23:02
    Steve, just finished Johnny Ringo, great book. I thought it was vary complete, liked how you included what became of some of the other people involved in the story, like Scott Cooley, George Gladden... more
    • Re: Haslett brothers — Steve Gatto, Fri Sep 26 09:46
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