Black Bart Simpson
Johnny's death
Tue Sep 30, 2008 09:54

Heavy drinking, depression and suicide often go together. See George Reeves, aka, Superman. Whether Johnny had powder burns or not is irrelevant. Some gunshot suicides don't have powder burns. By the same token the fact his gun had been fired neither proves or disproves suicide. He may have fired it at someone else. The two curiosities,that being the upside down cartridge belt (which may mean nothing. If it was simply a cartridge belt and not a gun belt (I've heard it both ways), he may have always worn it upside down. It may have been quicker for him to thumb out the shells for reload.) and the undershirt torn up and tied around his feet do perhaps suggest drunkenness, but they could also mean something else. Though I think you're likely right about the suicide, consider this scenario: The upside down cartridge belt and the missing boots suggests to me that he could have been murdered, almost suggests to me that somebody may have been toying with him. Say he's drunk like you say, so he either passes out and falls off his horse, or decides to stretch out under a tree to take a snooze. While he's sleeping that night somebody comes up, takes his horse and boots, just to mess with him. He wakes up or gets woke up, alerted to the fact that somebody is messing around. He gets up, bleary-eyed and buckles on the cartridge belt upside down. Then he notices his boots are missing, so he takes off his undershirt and wraps them around his feet (another possibility is that he could have taken off his boots himself and used the rags for stealth purposes). Anyway, he gets played, lured out into the night where his murderer awaits. Maybe at some point he gets tired, and leans against a tree to rest. Maybe the murderer throws a rock and Johnny fires at it. Then the murderer comes up behind Johnny. Reaches around the tree sticks his gun to Johnny's head and pulls the trigger. Not likely, but possible that it could have happened that way. And who would the murderer be? Why Buckskin Frank Lesley, of course! Lesley was a strange guy with some strange ways about him. That kind of killing wouldn't have been beyond him and he probably would have enjoyed it. Plus he was a guy that had been an army scout too I believe, so tracking Johnny down and sneaking up on him wouldn't have been too hard for Frank, especially if Johnny had been drinking. I have no proof of any of this, of course. Just an alternate suggestion, a little grub for thought you might say.

  • Johnny's DeathGeorge, Mon Aug 25 16:16
    No doubt johnny commited suicide. He was reported to be drinking heavily before he was found dead. My theory is that Johnny wandered off drunk and passed out somewhere in the desert where someone... more
    • Letter from coroners jury membermike james, Sun Jan 15 23:00
      Subject: letter from Robert M Boller Date: October 6, 2016 at 5:24 PM Fifty-two years after the death of Ringo, Robert Boller, a member of the coroner's jury, wrote the following letter: September... more
    • Letter from coroners jury membermike james, Sun Jan 15 22:55
      From: MJM Subject: letter from Robert M Boller Date: October 6, 2016 at 5:24 PM To: Raylene Mallon Fifty-two years after the death of Ringo, Robert Boller, ... more
    • John's Deathrhondajhull, Sun Feb 2 10:41
      John Peters Ringo did not commit suicide. Having researched this case for many years and been the his gravesite many times, we are sure that it was in fact homicide. First of all let me address your... more
    • Not suicideJohnny Ringo, Tue Nov 25 15:52
      origional coroners report determined no powder burns
    • Johnny's death — Black Bart Simpson, Tue Sep 30 09:54
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