Johnny Ringo
Mon Nov 3, 2008 20:32

Some photograhic images of Johnny Ringo show him clad in the finest suits of the day. A gruff cowboy? Maybe he was associated with cattle droving or more likely moved into contact and association with those types. In one photographic image he looks like some sort of riverboat player-maybe a card playing gambler who practised a quiet demenour in such a profession,but was deadly when provoked or seriously challenged - his legend has him as unassailably deadly with a pistol - lightning fast,etc and so on. Clarification is still warranted on this score. But it is almost certain he did not partipate in the O.K. Corrall showdown,although there exist contention that he did.

    • Johnny RingoJOHN, Wed Nov 19 17:38
      Huh? This all new news to me. What photos are you talking about. There is only one photo of him I am aware of that is definitely him. I never seen any articles anywhere that say JR was involved in... more
      • Johnny RingoPutridius Septicus, Wed Nov 19 22:43
        Unless I made a grammatical error,I'm sure I CLEARLY suggested thatthe individual in question,the maybe existed Johnny Ringo, was very UNLIKELY to have been involved in the OK Corrall-I merely noted... more
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