Putridius Septicus
Johnny Ringo
Wed Nov 19, 2008 22:43

Unless I made a grammatical error,I'm sure I CLEARLY suggested thatthe individual in question,the maybe existed Johnny Ringo, was very UNLIKELY to have been involved in the OK Corrall-I merely noted in passing that some still maintain he might have been.Argumentative humanity is something whereby I downright expect blatant and dunderheaded misconstruing of whatever I said or wrote and if I've mis-printed, then its this damn dinky plastic Western technology,isn't it,because I watch what I'm concocting - one has to, with this fraught plastic technology and damn humanity,so contaminated with frailty of intellect.The photo I saw with the article was someone definately not in an orthodox cowboy outfit. Now I can't be more explicitly clear than that.I don't waste my time following up on these characters from the past - it was something that came up on some mixed historical site while I was killing time on someone else's computer, so I don't know and I don't care,actually.

  • Johnny RingoJOHN, Wed Nov 19 17:38
    Huh? This all new news to me. What photos are you talking about. There is only one photo of him I am aware of that is definitely him. I never seen any articles anywhere that say JR was involved in... more
    • Johnny Ringo — Putridius Septicus, Wed Nov 19 22:43
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