Ringo Family History
Thu Dec 18, 2008 09:34

Just talked to McDowell Publications in Utica, Ky and found they only have 2 copies of the Ringo Family History left (it's in 14 volumes). Johnny Ringo's family is in volume V. It has a copy of the Journal of Mrs Mary Peters Ringo (John Peters Ringo's mother)of her trip across the Great Plains in 1864. Johnny Ringo's Dad, Martin Ringo, was killed on this trip. If your interested in the Ringo Family history and any connection you may have to the Ringo's (the family index has 378 pages) give McDowell a call at 1-800-285-4075. Their asking $180 for a paper back volume, but with only 2 copies left, you may be too late.

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