Coach Bailey Richards
Draco vs. Cetus: Quidditch Match!
Wed Jan 29, 2014 22:59

Quidditch Coach and DH Bailey Shepard Richards eyed the Pitch suspiciously; there had to be some sort of trick, an invisible storm on the false horizon. After the playful on again/off again rain of the last match, she was not inclined to just believe her eyes. But after a decent time spent glaring at the faux sky, she deduced that the Pitch had decided today to play nicely.

The temperature was decently warm, a startling contrast to the cold January snow on Pearl Street. Today felt more like May: ideally warm for spectators, though a bit warm for players' exact comfort. The breeze offered little help, carrying the heat with it, but all in all, it was not terribly bad. Certainly there had been worse matches in RMI's history.

Nonetheless, Captains York (the Draco one, not the Aquila) and Jackson (of whom there was only one, which was fortunate for the school) had letters coming their way to remind them of precautions; cooling charms would certainly aid their players, and while not completely necessary, the additional temperature advantage was one of those small factors that could prove key in a match. The blonde was a big believer in pre-game efforts, considering them nearly as important as one's performance during the game itself.

The players should have been finishing those pre-game tactics; Bailey's watch informed her that the start approached, and without fail, Draco and Cetus were soon led out of the locker rooms by their respective Captains. With the change in the latter's captaincy, the twenty-seven year old pondered how the team would respond--plus, it was odd not to see a blue-clad Matt approaching, a playful smirk or familiar wink on his face. Seth was dedicated, and she was fine with him being in the position, but he... He was not Matt.

But the old standbys stood. She instructed the captains to shake hands before advising against cheating and wishing them luck. Then she released the Snitch and the Bludgers, grasping the Quaffle in one hand while the other brought the whistle to her lips. A toss and a tweet! launched the game into action.

OOC: You all know what to do, as you've all assuredly read and agreed to the rules check, as you cannot play otherwise, but I'd like to make one addendum: in regards to the 72 hour rule for alternates, this does not apply the same way for Keepers. You may only play for a Keeper if the roster player has not posted within 72 hours of a shot being taken against them. Nonetheless, let's have fun--and what's more fun than points? And to get maximum points, follow the rules and give me quality! Happy posting!

    • Game over! Draco wins! (nm)Coach Richards, Tue Feb 25 22:39
    • Seeking answers.Reece Campbell (Draco Seeker), Sun Feb 2 10:21
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      • Hoping you find them (kind of)Arnold Bittleby (Cetus Seeker), Sun Feb 2 16:19
        Arnold clenched and un-clenched his fingers from around his broom handle, trying to stop them from shaking. Ever since the night before, the first-year had been plagued with thoughts about the... more
    • To victory we come! (Quaffle @ Cetus Chaser)Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Thu Jan 30 10:51
      Emily blinked her eyes rapidly at the scene in front of her. Based on her last few practices and the tumultuous conditions of the last match, she had been expecting adverse weather for the first... more
      • Sorry to intercept your victory (Quaffle @ Draco Chaser)Finn Dubois (Draco Chaser), Wed Feb 5 11:15
        It was sunny. Actually sunny. Finn blinked up at the sky, blue eyes wide with genuine surprise at the sensation of warm air brushing her cheeks. In most of her match experience to date, the Quidditch ... more
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