Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser)
To victory we come! (Quaffle @ Cetus Chaser)
Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:51

Emily blinked her eyes rapidly at the scene in front of her. Based on her last few practices and the tumultuous conditions of the last match, she had been expecting adverse weather for the first match of the new term. Apparently, however, the Quidditch Pitch had other plans. She had been quite confused when Seth ordered them to use cooling charms as opposed to heating charms, but glancing at the serene scene in front of her, she understood the need. Hopefully the heat wouldn’t bother her too much; she had grown accustomed to playing in less-than-ideal weather. Perhaps this change would make her chasing skills even better.

She had been looking forward to this day all week. Trying to pay attention in classes had been excruciating; all she wanted to do was play Quidditch. Emily had been up half the night tossing and turning, anxiously awaiting today’s match. The butterflies in her stomach had made it difficult to eat much at breakfast, though she force-fed herself some cereal.

As they waited for to be called out to the pitch, Emily’s heart pounded harder with each passing minute. Her hands shook with nervous excitement, and she took a minute to wipe her palms on her robes. She stared intently at the back of Seth’s head as they emerged from the locker rooms, making sure not to look at the crowd around her. She needed to be completely focused.

Her blue eyes zoned in on the Quaffle as she mounted her broom, ready to grab it as soon as the whistle sounded. After what seemed like an eternity, Coach Shepard finally threw the Quaffle into the air. Without thinking, she launched herself into the air and zoomed towards the Quaffle. This had been something she worked on repeatedly during practice. Sudden speed and unpredictable moves could be an advantage over her opponents.

She sped towards the Draco goalposts, keeping her eyes peeled for Cayden or Aerin, hoping they would be open for a pass soon. A blue blur caught her eye, but she was moving too fast to tell which of her teammates it was. Emily launched the Quaffle in the other Chaser’s direction before speeding up, opening herself up for a return pass, if needed.

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    • To victory we come! (Quaffle @ Cetus Chaser) — Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Thu Jan 30 10:51
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