Arnold Bittleby (Cetus Seeker)
Hoping you find them (kind of)
Sun Feb 2, 2014 16:19

Arnold clenched and un-clenched his fingers from around his broom handle, trying to stop them from shaking. Ever since the night before, the first-year had been plagued with thoughts about the upcoming match. What if he wasn’t good enough? What if he couldn’t even find the Snitch? The small boy had always put 100 percent into everything he did at practice, yet he still feared the worst. His dad had said he’d try to make it to the game, but Arnold secretly hoped he wouldn’t. He didn’t want even more pressure on him than there already was. Draco was a good team, and if he was correct, they had won the Quidditch tournament during the last school year. Hopefully this year would be different.

He followed his team out to the pitch, keeping his head bowed low in an effort not to see the crowd around him. Broomstick clenched tightly in his hand, he joined the ring of players around Coach Shepard for the pre-game speech. As he scanned the opposing team, his stomach lurched. They certainly didn’t look easy to beat. The twelve-year-old’s mind began spinning, so he forced himself to breathe slowly through his nose to combat the queasiness. Whatever Coach Shepard was saying certainly didn’t sound like English, but it didn’t matter. The object of his desire had suddenly been seen. Hazel eyes locked onto the tiny gold orb; he had been trained to follow its every movement. Wherever it went he would find it, a constant game of hide and seek.

As the whistle sounded, Arnold launched into the air, never blinking, desperately searching for that flash of gold that would lead him to victory. He flew high above the commotion, not wanting to get caught in the path of Bludgers or Beaters. He flicked his eyes over to Draco’s Seeker on the other side of the pitch, intensely scanning the expanse below.

Suddenly, the other boy dove straight towards the stands. With dread, Arnold realized that he had seen the Snitch. The Cetus immediately dropped into a dive, eyes finding the Snitch with ease, now that he knew where it was. His mind tried to quickly calculate the amount of time it would take him to reach the Snitch compared to the other player—Arnold was lucky that the golden ball had been just a bit closer to his side, but would it be enough to reach it in time?
For a brief moment the two boys were flying side by side, completely focused on the Snitch. The game wasn’t lost yet.

Suddenly, however, the Draco player threw himself off of his broom, hand outstretched for the Snitch. That wouldn’t work, would it? It was either genius or suicidal, or possibly both, depending on the outcome. Arnold hunched even closer to his broom, willing himself to go faster, willing his arm to be longer, willing the Snitch to change directions, willing the world to slow down, if only for a moment.

  • Seeking answers.Reece Campbell (Draco Seeker), Sun Feb 2 10:21
    Hanging in the air high above the Quidditch field, the lanky Scots boy tuned out the sounds of players and balls clashing below his dangling toes and allowed himself one moment of silence. ‘One... more
    • Hoping you find them (kind of) — Arnold Bittleby (Cetus Seeker), Sun Feb 2 16:19
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