Finn Dubois (Draco Chaser)
Sorry to intercept your victory (Quaffle @ Draco Chaser)
Wed Feb 5, 2014 11:15

It was sunny. Actually sunny. Finn blinked up at the sky, blue eyes wide with genuine surprise at the sensation of warm air brushing her cheeks. In most of her match experience to date, the Quidditch pitch had been pretty uncooperative, throwing all sorts of pesky, turbulent weather at them, and while the Québec native wasn’t overly bothered by a bit of cold, it was definitely a nice change to see the sun out for once. Sun out, blue sky, air still… Oui, with conditions as perfect as this, today’s match was gonna be a good one. “And, hopefully, me thinking that didn’t just jinx it,” the witch added in an undertone to herself. Smirking slightly, she swung her bushy mane of rust-red hair forwards to gather it in a high ponytail and pulled the elastic snug with a snap. “Now, where’s my gloves?”

After a mild shuffle through her locker in the team locker room, she was reunited with her gloves and shortly after with the rest of her team, marching out to join them on their metaphorical battlefield. Admittedly, the metaphorical-ness of said battlefield was something Finn thought applied to her rather more than the rest of her teammates; when it came to sports she just wasn’t a competitive person to begin with, her personal battles ranked as far more important than any ball-throwing point-scoring game, not that she let that stop her from doing her best at it anyways. She was an individually-minded person on a collectively-driven team, and team player by nature or not, she had gotten herself into this position last term and the lack of new recruits meant her role had been carried on into this term, and she wouldn’t let the team down.


Hardly had the whistle been blown than one of the Cetus chasers, a firstie by the look of it, raced forwards to seize Quaffle. Finn grinned at her eagerness and opted not to try rushing her for the red ball. ‘She wants it that badly, she can have it… for now.’ Instead, the seventeen-year-old drew back on Élan, curving her broom around to follow the Ceti at a more leisurely pace. Soon enough, an opportunity presented itself. The Ceti moved to pass the ball to one of her teammates and Finn moved to push her broom faster, sidling up to intercept the pass, the hard ball thunking into her open arm, before she dropped into a shallow dive to get out from between the opposing blue-robed Chasers. Pulling a sharp turn, she headed back for the other end of the field. She had half a mind to attempt a score, but the past year had taught her that even after hard practicing she still didn’t have the most reliable aim in her throws, so instead she flew up alongside one of her teammates and tossed the Quaffle their way.

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    • Sorry to intercept your victory (Quaffle @ Draco Chaser) — Finn Dubois (Draco Chaser), Wed Feb 5 11:15
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