Benjamin Adler
Welcome to my Pity Party
Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:17

Benjamin sat with his back to a tree at the edge of the forest, his knees drawn up to his chest and a small pout forming on his face. He had brought an adventure book with him but quickly shoved it inside his rucksack when the rain water began to splatter down upon him. Now his dark hair clung to his forehead and even his long eyelashes felt damp and heavy. He resisted the urge to shut his eyelids knowing that falling asleep in such weather was probably not a good idea. However, this knowledge was not enough to force him to stand up and seek shelter inside despite his drenched clothing.

Benjamin was having a perfectly good time feeling sorry for himself. He was miserable at RMI and the only thing which seemed to bring him any satisfaction was wallowing in that misery. The midterm break hadnít brought him the peace he had hoped for. Nothing seemed right at home anymore. Things hadnít seemed right for awhile or perhaps they never had been and he was just noticing this now. His Mama was unwell throughout their entire stay and Charline, having exhausted all her sympathy for the older woman, locked herself in her room and spent the break writing letters and reading school books. Benjamin had tried to look after his Mama and make her happy but he too was becoming wearisome of it all. Yet, when he did manage to make her smile for that second he forgot all the bitterness he had previously been harboring and the bother Clťmence caused.

One thing that particularly upset him during his stay was the realisation that Alena no longer needed or wanted him. She was most attached to her Nanny and only found Benjamin interesting for a short period of time. Each time he saw his little sister she looked changed. He didnít like missing her growing up and found RMI a poor substitute for the family life he had enjoyed before school. Charline said he was viewing it all with rose tinted glasses.

He didnít think she liked going home much anymore. It was amusing to remember how she had once begged to leave RMI but these days seemed relieved to return to the place.

Long ago, Benjamin had given up trying to decipher his sister. For example, when Papa had told Charline of her betrothal she had cried, pleaded and scolded terribly. Then at Christmas when Ulrich had announced to Benjamin that his wife had been chosen she had smiled at him and said what a wonderful thing it was.

ďYou should be glad Benjamin, glad that Papa cared enough to make this choice for you. Now your future is secure.Ē

Part of him suspected she had been lying. Charline had only wanted him to avoid her own internal struggle. Still, he didnít know how he felt about it. Alannah might be a nice girl, a nice wife. Benjamin didnít know much about picking wives and it wasnít like he had anyone else in mind. Presently, he wasnít sure he needed a wife. When he confided this in his Papa the older man had actually laughed (he normally never laughed). He insisted Benjamin would think differently one day but the Draco wasnít so sure.

The sound of leaves crunching caused the boy to stiffen. He wasnít sure why he was hiding or even who he was hiding from. There was no one to come searching for him. He didnít really have many friends and spent the majority of his time alone. No one had ever sought him out before and this time would be no different. The footsteps came closer until eventually they stopped nearby. Hesitantly, Benjamin glanced up and peered through the rain attempting to make out the figure.

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