Anjali Soren
Oh, I've been looking for one of these
Wed Feb 19, 2014 22:19

Anjali Soren was running, running as fast as her legs would take her. Which was very fast. She lapped around the school once, twice, three times. One more lap and she would be free. Free of the ache that was building in her legs, of the cramp in her stomach, yes, but also free of the hornets buzzing in her head. Hornets that chittered about with red faces and harsh laughter, who spoke of choices, who multiplied and multiplied, each born of the threads unraveling from the fabric of her life. Anjali squeezed her eyes shut, imagining that sweet release she knew so well. She imagined her long brown legs turning into the spokes on the wheels of a Muggle bicycle, her heavy heart soaring like the birds come back from their winter migration - and promptly smashed headfirst into a tree.

Anjali stumbled sideways a few steps before falling into a clearing, the Quidditch Pitch, the part of her that could still care about such things noted. The Lyra felt cheated - not fair, not fair, not fair - she ran. When she ran, she was supposed to escape, not injure herself further. The hornets in her head were three times louder. She felt searing pain across her forehead. She needed to check her injuries, but now she just wanted to lay still, regain her breath, and let out the tears that had been struggling against her weakening will for ever since she had received that letter.

Anjali sensed a presence. She swiped rapidly at the tears in her eyes - none had fallen, thank Merlin. Imagine breaking down in front a stranger! - and her fingers came away bloody. Her eyes took in a wide eyed boy; a Pureblood, she thought, the Adler girl's brother. He was an odd one, she knew. He had been engaged recently, though, so he would be fine. Anjali's mother had never gotten engaged. If her father hadn't taken interest in the beautiful daughter of the fallen moguls of Wizarding India, Lady Soren would have been ruined. Now, if worse came to worst, both Lord and Lady Soren would be ruined. And their children...nobody really cared about their children.

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    • Oh, I've been looking for one of these — Anjali Soren, Wed Feb 19 22:19
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