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Fri Feb 21, 2014 15:03

Benjamin’s mouth fell open to form a small O shape, allowing his tongue to catch the falling raindrops. In his state of shock he barely noticed. The girl had come barreling out of nowhere and he didn’t know whether she was insane or blinded by the bad weather. He didn’t know her name or even recognise her. This, though, meant very little as the Draco tended to live in his own bubble, perhaps the reason he was so terrible with people. Part of him remembered that manners were important, one of those things he ought to work on more often and wasn’t it rude to stare? However, regardless of how much he tried to Benjamin could not seem to force his blue orbs away from her. More than anything, he wished to ignore her presence and pretend as though this girl hadn’t just crashed his pity party- literally.

Only a crazy person would run head first into a big hunk of wood, so that made her crazy, yes? Charline would certainly say so and he was supposed to avoid crazy people. Charline also said he was mad enough without the influence or other nutters infecting his feeble mind. But he continued to stare.

He loathed to break the silence between, finding it oddly comforting but she was clearly hurt. The scarlet liquid was proof of that.

Finally, finding the will to move his mouth he watched in horror as the following words escaped his lips, “ run ferry fast.”

That wasn’t what he had wanted to say at all! What he should have said and what he wanted to say was “Are you alright?”

If things were not bad enough as it was he then proceeded to let out a loud sneeze. Because he had failed to think ahead and bring tissues or a hanky, Benjamin was left with the unattractive option of wiping his nose on his sleeve, which he did a little sheepishly.

  • Oh, I've been looking for one of theseAnjali Soren, Wed Feb 19 22:19
    Anjali Soren was running, running as fast as her legs would take her. Which was very fast. She lapped around the school once, twice, three times. One more lap and she would be free. Free of the ache... more
    • It's invites only — Benjamin , Fri Feb 21 15:03
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