Ika Blackburn [Draco Mascot]
Mon Feb 24, 2014 22:54

Veronika Blackburn had her war paint on. Ika’s war paint was sparkling gold body glitter and eyeshadow, with red liner and mascara. She was being very careful not to get her crimson lipstick on her teeth. She’d left some of it on the rim of her coffee cup (Ika took coffee with three sugars and a cow’s worth of cream) at breakfast this morning, but had quickly reapplied it in the dressing room.

“Good luck,” she told their captain on the way out, reaching up to squeeze his shoulder reassuringly. Nicco seemed scrambled about a few things, but he was in a good place when he was on the Quidditch Pitch. Ika was very, very, very confident that Nicco would lead the team to victory this match, and Draco would face off against Aquila in the finals as well they should.

Not just because Draco was objectively the best (although they totally were). One of Nicco’s younger brothers was the Aquila captain, and Ika thought it would be fun if they played against each other in the finals. Like when Addi and Andy’s teams had gone head-to-head a few years ago—it’d be cool.

They would win, so today’s match wouldn’t be Ika’s last time twirling, but she was still bringing her most impressive moves. Her baton was tipped with red and gold flames, which left a trail of sparks when she moved. Ika had wanted to incorporate some flips, but after a lot of practice on the mats in the theater she’d determined she just wasn’t cut out to be a gymnast. The simple spins and twirls she usually did was good enough for RMI’s Quidditch audience.

She took her usual stage, reveling in the perfect weather. It might get a little warm depending on when she decided to take breaks, but she could always layer on some Cooling Charms. For now, she had a flaming baton, a bottle of water, and a routine to perform.

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