Coach Richards
Game over! Draco wins! (nm)
Tue Feb 25, 2014 22:39

  • Draco vs. Cetus: Quidditch Match!Coach Bailey Richards, Wed Jan 29 22:59
    Quidditch Coach and DH Bailey Shepard Richards eyed the Pitch suspiciously; there had to be some sort of trick, an invisible storm on the false horizon. After the playful on again/off again rain of... more
    • Game over! Draco wins! (nm) — Coach Richards, Tue Feb 25 22:39
    • Seeking answers.Reece Campbell (Draco Seeker), Sun Feb 2 10:21
      Hanging in the air high above the Quidditch field, the lanky Scots boy tuned out the sounds of players and balls clashing below his dangling toes and allowed himself one moment of silence. ‘One... more
      • Hoping you find them (kind of)Arnold Bittleby (Cetus Seeker), Sun Feb 2 16:19
        Arnold clenched and un-clenched his fingers from around his broom handle, trying to stop them from shaking. Ever since the night before, the first-year had been plagued with thoughts about the... more
    • To victory we come! (Quaffle @ Cetus Chaser)Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Thu Jan 30 10:51
      Emily blinked her eyes rapidly at the scene in front of her. Based on her last few practices and the tumultuous conditions of the last match, she had been expecting adverse weather for the first... more
      • Sorry to intercept your victory (Quaffle @ Draco Chaser)Finn Dubois (Draco Chaser), Wed Feb 5 11:15
        It was sunny. Actually sunny. Finn blinked up at the sky, blue eyes wide with genuine surprise at the sensation of warm air brushing her cheeks. In most of her match experience to date, the Quidditch ... more
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