Starr Colindale
A green plastic watering can for a fake Chinese Rubber Plant
Tue Apr 1, 2014 00:15

Starr normally loved the outdoors and the sky. Here, however, he hated it. Or rather, he hated the lack of any of it being real. It was convincing, and he had pondered the philosophical dilemma of whether, if all of your senses were telling you that something was real, that made it real – after all, what was reality except the sensations we perceived? But he couldn't quite suspend his disbelief. Whilst the flora and fauna were technically real, rather than an illusion, the way they were maintained was totally artificial, and that bothered him. And the sky was a lie. That made him the closest to angry he had ever been. How could you steal the sky from people and replace it with a fake? It was just awful. And there was no where real to go outside except a shopping street. Some of the shop owners were cool and he enjoyed hanging with them, but he wanted to be out and about in a natural green space.

He walked into to forest, enjoying the feeling of the grass between his bare toes. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on that alone. On all the senses that told him what he wanted – that he was outside and free. Whenever he opened his eyes, he saw the sky. Normally, that made him feel freer than anything – it was a never ending expanse, humbling his own tiny existence. Here though, he saw the sky as a wall. The boundary of his world, keeping him in.

Opening his eyes, he approached a tree.

“You're real,” he murmured, running his hands over the rough bark. He gripped a branch just above his head, placing his feet against the trunk and scrambling up. He found a comfortable branch to settle on. The foliage surrounded him and he breathed in its smell. He closed his eyes again, trying to find contentment. But, even though the “sky” was out of his range of vision, the “sun” still broke through the leaves, its dappled light falling across his eyelids and dancing around in delicate patterns. He placed his hands over his eyes, trying to avoid all the fake elements of the forest. But even with the sun blocked out, he couldn't escape his own mind, which contained the knowledge that he was underground.

“Let me out!” he yelled in frustration. “I want to be outside!”

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