Ika Blackburn
Placebos are good for you
Wed Apr 2, 2014 03:25

Up until very recently, there had been all the time in the world. Maybe it was because of waiting—waiting to hear back from colleges (three yeses, three nos)—waiting to make a decision (Chicago, she’d finally settled on)—waiting to see if Miraphora Poff’s brother in Oak Park was taking new boarders (he was)—all that waiting made everything stand still, like waiting for your cauldron to boil.

And then Ika’d just blinked and she had a college acceptance and a signed lease and not only had the water boiled—her potion was finished, and she couldn’t quite remember putting the last few ingredients.

Dimly, she felt like it was the end of an era. She was the last Blackburn to graduate from RMI. There wouldn’t be any more until twenty years (or so) from now when her kids came. Between Keith and Rosetta, Ika didn’t expect any nieces or nephews from her magical siblings—so it was really up to her, wasn’t it, if there were going to be any more wizards or witches from their family?

Boulder was enjoying an unusually nice segue into summer, but the idea of spending her last few days of high school on Pearl Street made Ika feel like there was a weight tethering her ribcage to the floor—it made her heart heavy. She could always go back to Pearl Street later, but soon she wouldn’t be able to come back to RMI. Not the way she was right now, anyway. She wasn’t quite sad about that; Ika was excited for Chicago, and in some ways she was ready to graduate. RMI was a favorite sweater she was about to outgrow, and no matter how much she wanted to keep wearing it, she couldn’t. Ika wasn’t one to dwell on silly sorrow, and when she caught her mood dipping towards nostalgia, she thought about the phoenixes and unicorns and hippogriffs in the zoo she would be working at soon. It was a nice thought.

With the artificial weather warm for June, the Quidditch Pitch was a nice place to be. It was, she amended mentally, treading her familiar route from the Draco Common Room, always a nice place to be. Rosetta had discovered she loved Quidditch there, and Ika’s favorite story from Keith’s first year—the whole adventure where the entire school took down C. Aspen—had happened in the stands. And of course there was everything she’d done with the Draco Quidditch team…

Ika took the path towards the forest, her thoughts interrupted by another student yelling. “You are outside,” Ika said, giving the younger boy a cautious little wave. “Or, well, you’re as outside as it gets without going to Pearl Street. Are you okay?” Ika couldn’t quite remember how old Starr was—she’d seen him, of course, but all she knew was that he’d transferred in. Maybe he was a second-year with cabin fever.

  • Starr normally loved the outdoors and the sky. Here, however, he hated it. Or rather, he hated the lack of any of it being real. It was convincing, and he had pondered the philosophical dilemma of... more
    • Placebos are good for you — Ika Blackburn, Wed Apr 2 03:25
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