Coach Bailey Richards
Draco vs. Aquila: Quidditch Finals!
Fri Apr 4, 2014 01:04

The first indication of the humidity was the sudden stifling of Bailey's breath as she stepped onto the Pitch. The second indication was the instantaneous frizzing of her hair. She groaned in frustration and tucked the disobedient hairs that poked from her ponytail out of her way before producing a quill and parchment from her satchel, penning warnings of the weather to both Captains.

It was sure to be an interesting final, judging from the teams that had made it. Draco and Aquila had no record, to her knowledge, of particular rivalry. But the Captains were brothers, and she certainly recalled how competitive siblings could be. Back in the day, she and her brothers had gotten into quite a few scrapes over matters of pride and competition, and sibling rivalry was not something that dissipated with generations, especially not for the York boys. If memory served, both boys were fiercely devoted to the game and to their teams.

She strongly urged them to take precautions regarding the heat and humidity, citing cooling charms for use and water bottles for supplies. The blonde coach definitely did not want to see anyone experience heat stroke or encounter other heat-related difficulty. As the two in turn arrived, she specifically reminded them, for their players' sake, to be cautious. They were fairly intellegent boys, and she trusted them to take her advice. However, athletes perpetually did dumb things, so she intended to be extra vigilent during the match.

The twenty-eight year old watched in complacent awe as the two teams approached her, the crowd either incredibly mute or mentally silenced by routine. Soon both Draco and Aquila teams stood beside her, and she smiled at the Captains. As much as she had enjoyed the match between the Captain Leppits a couple years back, this was even better; this was the finals. Bailey could not help but hope the Yorks' parents were as proud of their growth over the years as she was.

"Shake hands, boys," she instructed. "Congratulations on making it this far. You've both got great teams behind you. Let's see a great game despite the heat." Turning to the rest of the players, she expressly stated that if anyone felt faint due to heat, they could call for a time-out to bring in an alternate while they cooled down.

With that being said, Bailey took to releasing the balls in the typical order: Bludgers, Snitch, Quaffle. The tweet of her whistle coincided with the final ball's launch, and with it began the match. Along with the normal possibilities, blue eyes scanned the skies for recognizable signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion. One way or another, this day was sure to be interesting.

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