DH de Villiers
Orientation Part II
Tue Apr 8, 2014 06:34

At the end of the night Emilian rounded up the students and escorted them to the Quidditch Pitch. The Deputy Head didn’t want to spend the next week camping out on the damn Pitch but he would because he wasn’t sure how to say no to the Headmistress. He wished that the new Quidditch Coach was ready to take this job on but at last here he was stuck here.

He once again gathered the students around him and said. “This, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the Quidditch Pitch. It will also be your home for the duration of Orientation.” He didn’t want to sleep in a tent and watch over the students and he was sure that they didn’t want to either but given that they would not be Sorted until the Opening Feast, he supposed they had to be somewhere.

“You’ll all have at least one tent-mate, and there will be some basic rules to follow.” He said in a rather bored voice. He figured they would be on their best behavior it being their first week at RMI. “Firstly, no girls in boys’ tents or vice versa. Also, no magic in the tents. No fighting or commotion. Curfew is nine-thirty, so I expect you to all be trying to go to sleep at that time.”

Glancing across the group of students, he continued. “If you have to go to the restroom, there are some at either end of the Pitch. You can go at night if you have to, but be quick and quiet. There will be House Elves patrolling, so don’t think you can just fool around outside.” Emilian didn’t mind disciplining people, he was probably the Professor who gave the most detentions out. “That being said, if you need anything, you can find me in the head tent.” He really hoped that none of the damn kids needed him while he wanted to read and sleep was the best thing ever.

“That is all you need to know” he concluded. “I’m going to read off the tent-mates and numbers, so make sure you pay attention. Once you hear your name, you can go find your tent-mate and get comfortable in your tent. Now, listen up; this is important.”

OOC: Here are your rooming assignments as Emilian would read off next.

Tent one:
Jason Sullivan
Connor Hayes

Tent two:
Alphonse Dubois V
Prior Forbs
John O'Neill

Tent three:
Crystal Glausse
Samantha Knowles

Tent four:
Erienne Malistaire
Linden Wrey

Tent five:
Rosalie Smith
Dellyla Rosier

Tent six:
Rosalie Bauer
Skye Jones

Tent seven:
Evelyn Redwod
Lana Axcsey
Celina Wright

    • Feeling Welcome Yet? TAG: SamanthaCrystal Glause, Tue Apr 8 22:13
      Crystal looked around as the fading light of “sunset” began to burn crimson. The Deputy Headmaster seemed anything but thrilled to be there. Obviously, there would be no get acquainted games or... more
      • I'm warming upSamantha Knowles, Fri Apr 11 17:23
        Sam stared in awe as she walked onto the Quidditch pitch. She had seen the pitch at Hogwarts several times, but the fact that this one was underground completely blew her mind. Not paying attention... more
        • Might just start feeling at homeCrystal Glause, Fri Apr 18 01:12
          Since Sam hadn’t picked out a space yet, Crystal plopped her things down on the cot nearest her. The magical tent was roomy enough, but it still pretty much looked like an ordinary camping tent.... more
    • I hate everything about you [TAG: Linden WreyErienne Malistaire, Tue Apr 8 13:33
      Erin scowled as she heard that she was paired with someone she didn’t know. Even if she didn’t want to spend all her time with Sammy, she would’ve preferred her friend over someone she didn’t know.... more
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