Erienne Malistaire
I hate everything about you [TAG: Linden Wrey
Tue Apr 8, 2014 13:33

Erin scowled as she heard that she was paired with someone she didn’t know. Even if she didn’t want to spend all her time with Sammy, she would’ve preferred her friend over someone she didn’t know. Her expression relaxed as she gazed guiltily at her friend. how could I be so mean? she asked herself. she doesn’t need me now that we’re here. she went over to Tent Four, a small frown on her face.

The British witch was obviously unhappy. Linden Wrey, for all she knew, could be a Mudblood. How horrible that would be. She’d have to ignore her tent-mate until the Sorting. How would the sorting even work? Would there be a sorting hat like there was at Hogwarts or would it be differet? She had a feeling that it was going to be different and that it had been mentioned in her acceptance letter that she hadn’t bothered reading.

Whatever happened, the light brown haired girl hoped that she could stop being unhappy and start being close to Sam again. What had changed? The move, probably. Moving from her home was bad. Moving from her home country was worse. She loved England. Why did her father have to get a job in America? She might’ve wanted to see what it was like from school and learning about it, but she never, never, never wanted to live here.

Her fists clenched at her thoughts, still standing at the entrance. She snapped out of her thoughts when there was movement behind her. She shuffled out of the way. “I’m so sorry.” She said sarcastically to the girl who had entered.

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    • I hate everything about you [TAG: Linden Wrey — Erienne Malistaire, Tue Apr 8 13:33
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