Crystal Glause
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Tue Apr 8, 2014 22:13

Crystal looked around as the fading light of “sunset” began to burn crimson. The Deputy Headmaster seemed anything but thrilled to be there. Obviously, there would be no get acquainted games or campfire singing as she was kind of expecting. It was just a there’s your tent, there’s the bathroom; don’t irritate me speech. Not much fun.

The quidditch pitch was a nothing impressive, just a big field with some goals and stands. The forest was another thing. As the crimson faded into purple, it looked dark and foreboding and delightfully scary. The rock wall seemed to be a mini-mountain rising just on the edge of it, beckoning the kids to come and climb.

As Crystal turned toward her assigned tent, a lump began to grow in her throat. It was the first time she’d ever stayed anywhere where she didn’t know at least one other person. Her eyes stung as a new wave of homesickness washed over her. Angry with herself, she ground the heels of her hands into the offending orbs. No. She would not allow herself to go all baby on her roommate and start crying.

Taking a deep, shaky breath, she gave a toss of her deep auburn hair and plastered a smile on her face. This could be fun. Who knew. Maybe her tent mate was completely awesome. Maybe this whole school thing wouldn’t be a complete waste. Maybe it would. For the time being, Crystal was going to at least give this something that resembled a chance.

“Hello,” Crystal called from outside of the tent so not to catch what was her name, Samantha(?), unawares. “It’s Crystal Glause.”

Drumming up a bit more courage, she made her way inside. “I guess we’re roomies. Have you claimed a spot yet?”

  • Orientation Part IIDH de Villiers, Tue Apr 8 06:34
    At the end of the night Emilian rounded up the students and escorted them to the Quidditch Pitch. The Deputy Head didn’t want to spend the next week camping out on the damn Pitch but he would because ... more
    • Feeling Welcome Yet? TAG: Samantha — Crystal Glause, Tue Apr 8 22:13
      • I'm warming upSamantha Knowles, Fri Apr 11 17:23
        Sam stared in awe as she walked onto the Quidditch pitch. She had seen the pitch at Hogwarts several times, but the fact that this one was underground completely blew her mind. Not paying attention... more
        • Might just start feeling at homeCrystal Glause, Fri Apr 18 01:12
          Since Sam hadn’t picked out a space yet, Crystal plopped her things down on the cot nearest her. The magical tent was roomy enough, but it still pretty much looked like an ordinary camping tent.... more
    • I hate everything about you [TAG: Linden WreyErienne Malistaire, Tue Apr 8 13:33
      Erin scowled as she heard that she was paired with someone she didn’t know. Even if she didn’t want to spend all her time with Sammy, she would’ve preferred her friend over someone she didn’t know.... more
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