Crystal Glause
Might just start feeling at home
Fri Apr 18, 2014 01:12

Since Sam hadn’t picked out a space yet, Crystal plopped her things down on the cot nearest her. The magical tent was roomy enough, but it still pretty much looked like an ordinary camping tent.

“You’d think they would have thought to put in bathrooms and showers inside the tents. My parents got one for us with a hot tub for when we got camping. It’s nice to soak in it after a long hike’” Crystal nervously began a running monologue as she unpacked. It was hard to talk to a complete stranger.

She had noticed the accent and wondered if they had any common ground. She’d been to Great Britain several times as she’d relatives both in England and Ireland on her mother’s side. “We usually stay pretty close to home as Daddy can only get away for a couple of days at a time and he hates apparating.”

Great, Crystal, way to act like a snob, just talking about you

From the way her tent mate looked, Crystal was pretty sure that Sam was feeling some what like she did. She was either a bit homesick or sad or, if Crystal had misinterpreted her expression, just plain tired and didn’t want to be bored by listening her ramble on about her family. Crystal wracked her brain to come up with something to say that would sound like she was at least somewhat sociable and wanted to try to make a new friendship.

“So is it just Sam or a nick name like for Samantha or Sandra?” Crystal thought a bit more. “What part of England are you from? It must be hard to be so far away from home. I can hardly stand it and I’m from Illinois, that’s only a few states over and up. Does anyone call you Sammie or do you totally hate that?”

You talk to much. Crystal chided herself.

  • I'm warming upSamantha Knowles, Fri Apr 11 17:23
    Sam stared in awe as she walked onto the Quidditch pitch. She had seen the pitch at Hogwarts several times, but the fact that this one was underground completely blew her mind. Not paying attention... more
    • Might just start feeling at home — Crystal Glause, Fri Apr 18 01:12
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