Temp. Coach Gaston Munro
Flying lessons!
Tue Apr 29, 2014 18:19

Gaston Munro took a deep breath in the cool air on the Quidditch Pitch. He smiled over at his two sons, ten year old Frankie was sorting the brooms into best, good, and okay while six year old Wyatt was throwing a Quaffle around. The Munro boys were enjoying a boys day at RMI while Jennie and Evie were enjoying a girl’s day at a spa. Gaston smiled, glad to be home. He missed RMI, he missed being the Headmaster, but he was glad he was on the Quidditch pitch.

Gaston was currently coaching a pro quidditch team in upstate New York but it was the off season. Garen had suggest to the new Heads of his school that Gaston could fill in as Coach until they found a new Quidditch coach. “Frankie, you good with those brooms?” Gaston asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yup, Papa they are mostly Ramos brooms!” Frankie said in wonder. Gaston had heard that the Ramos heir was currently attending RMI, so it wasn’t a surprise that Sandro Ramos would give the school a bunch of them.

“Well at least you’ll get to ride one next term.” Gaston said with a teasing smile at his eldest son. Frankie frowned and nodded. Gaston had yet to get him a Ramos broom even though Gaston himself rode one.

“Wyatt, time check!” Gaston called to his youngest son. Wyatt looked down at the watch and said. “ten, fifty eight, Papa.” Gaston was teaching his son how to read clocks right now and he was getting it, slowly but surely.

Once it turned eleven and it seemed like all the students were there Gaston began in his booming voice. “Good afternoon first years and welcome to your flying lessons! I am your Temporary Coach Gaston Munro. We all know why we are here and that is to learn or have a refresher course on flying. If you have aspirations to join your house Quidditch team I would suggest you take this and your Quidditch lessons very seriously since without my approval you will not be joining.” He really didn’t have much say over if the kids were going to be on their teams or not but he hoped it was a good enough threat for now.

“The first thing you are going to do is hold your dominant hand over the broom and tell it “Up” in the most commanding voice you can.” He paused looked down at his trusty broom. “UP!” He said and the broom flew into his hand. “See it’s fairly easy. Now you try.” Gaston laughed as Wyatt and Frankie did the same, they had been doing this for years.

It took some time but after a bit all the students had successfully completed the task. “Let’s move on to something a bit harder. Now with your brooms fully under your control swing your leg over and straddle your brooms. Once you get on and feel comfortable kick off the ground.”

He paused for a moment and said. “Experienced flyers you can go up to the goal hoops but no higher, new flyers please stick close to the ground. There are some Quaffles, right over there if anyone wants to play with them. If you need help just call me!” He said and nodded with a smile.

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