Linden Wrey
I think you mean more falling
Sat May 3, 2014 18:26

Flying. Now this was a lesson Linden could get into. Considering herself the only good flyer in the family (Pamela didn't know how and Christopher was all talk), the fresh Cetus had a certain reputation to uphold, not that she'd actually ever flown a broom before. But last year the only thing her older brother seemed to write to her about was how he'd got a place on the Quidditch team, and how he hadn't maimed himself in his first match. He probably hadn't even done anything! So, striding out onto the pitch, Linden had big aspirations. The eleven year old lined up with her fellow first years with a buzzing feeling. Rocking on the balls of feet, Linden looked around impatiently for the coach, eager to started.

Once the teacher came, introducing himself as Coach Munro and his two tiny sidekicks as his sons. Munro proceeded to explain how to summon a broomstick, and his two sons did a small demonstration.

"Aw! They're so cute!" Linden said to no one in particular.

The peaceful morning was then interrupted by the bellows of angry first years as everyone tried to summon their broomstick first. Linden looked down at the surprisingly neat broom (she guessed house elves groomed them before the beginning of the school year or something) and raised her left hand over the handle.

"Up?" Linden said, though it sounded more like a question. The broom stayed put.

"Up?!" The broomstick twitched.

"Up!" The broomstick rolled around a few times. Linden narrowed her bright eyes at the broom.



"Up!" ...

"Oh c'mon! UP!" Linden almost shouted at the broomstick, her voice suddenly commanding. The broom shot into her writing hand and Linden let out a smile. The broom seemed kind of scared of her, which wavered her nerve slightly for a moment. She reminded herself of her step-father for a second, which was a pretty bad place to be in her opinion. Yes, Oliver had power, and wealth, but it's not like he was a nice man. All his Pureblood friends she met at his balls were either scared of him or seemed as psycho as he was. And they all wanted her to meet their sons for some reason, which was really starting to worry Linden. Oliver wasn't going to have her marry someone, was he? Then again, it's not like her mum would let him.

The Cetus mounted her broomstick and was about to take off when something collided into her side, and by the sounds of it, something French. Linden let out a small squeal as she was knocked to the ground in surprise. A boy had got himself tangled with his broom and Linden wasn't mad, but he seemed almost afraid.

“Excusez-moi!” the brown eyed boy. quickly apologised. He seemed unusually nervous, or maybe just too polite, but Linden just shrugged it off.

"It's fine, seriously," She couldn't help giggling a bit at the boy's state as she began to get herself up from the ground, tucking a strand of black hair behind her ear again.

  • More fumbling than flyingAlphonse Dubois V (Cetus), Sat May 3 06:35
    Coach Munro laughed as his kids started imitating him with their own broomsticks. Alphonse couldn’t hold back a grin at the sight, either. It was pretty funny to watch them, especially the smaller of ... more
    • I think you mean more falling — Linden Wrey, Sat May 3 18:26
      • Hm, no, I'm definitely fumbling right now.Alphonse, Tue May 6 07:23
        He still felt a little maybe more than a little embarrassed (falling into her was hardly the best way to go about making a good first impression) but was also appreciative of how polite and... more
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