Hm, no, I'm definitely fumbling right now.
Tue May 6, 2014 07:23

He still felt a little maybe more than a little embarrassed (falling into her was hardly the best way to go about making a good first impression) but was also appreciative of how polite and understanding the girl had been (it was likely just the result of growing up in a houseful of boys, but he was pretty sure that his sister would’ve whalloped him back as her first reaction and not even bothered being nice about it). Ducking his head as she giggled, Alphonse focused his attention on his robes, trying to figure out how it was that he seemed to have gotten one long sleeve looped around his knee in the tumble down. Why couldn’t long clothing like robes have, like, an anti-tripping charm on them? The short boy thought that would make so much sense, especially for kid’s clothes. 'Someone should get on inventing that.' It was only after he’d sorted himself out that he finally gave the girl a rueful sort of grin, still sitting on the ground with his now-untangled legs stretched in front of him. “I’ll, erm, try harder not to get eaten by my robes next time,” he offered mildly in the sort of quiet humour that came easiest to him.

Some people were very loud, or very sarcastic, or very joking, but Alphonse was… not. Never at the extremes, and kind of always in the middle. Which was a place he couldn’t figure out how to get out of, but it wasn’t the worst place to be, either, especially in his time at RMI so far, with all these new people and things and very few familiarities except for himself. Scrambling upright and shaking out his robes, the Québecois glanced over to the girl again. She looked really familiar. “You’re also in Cetus, right?” Orientation had passed in a blur, and though he didn’t consider himself too bad at remembering faces, which he suspected was largely due to long summer mornings spent in the forest having different tree species drilled into him visually by grain pattern and leaf shape, he couldn’t recall her name for the life of him even though he must have met her or at least overhead her name at some point over the week.

“I’m sorry… again,” he amended, left hand now absently tugging at one larger-than-average ear as he reflected on how he’d apologized twice in a row to this girl and hopefully that didn’t make him come across as too dull or weird or whatever. He was pretty used to extracting apologies out of the others back home (being oldest, he was the mediator between siblings who couldn’t keep their fists off each other half the time) but he didn’t often find himself in the position of apologer like this. “I don’t remember your name. I’m Alphonse, Alphonse Dubois V. Though you can just call me Alphonse, of course... though I guess that’s not much shorter than the full one anyways, is it?” ‘Awkwaaard,’ the little unnamed voice in his head sang, and Alphonse couldn’t exactly disagree. He could hardly worry about seeming dull for apologizing two times when he then went on to introduce himself by the screamingly dull ‘Vee’ that possessively tailed his name. Not that he was ashamed by it; the name itself wasn’t uniquely his, but the heritage behind the name was special and he was pretty proud to carry it, even if it was a bit abnormal among most of the kids he knew.

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    Flying. Now this was a lesson Linden could get into. Considering herself the only good flyer in the family (Pamela didn't know how and Christopher was all talk), the fresh Cetus had a certain... more
    • Hm, no, I'm definitely fumbling right now. — Alphonse, Tue May 6 07:23
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