John O'Neill (Lyra)
Mon May 19, 2014 09:50

When Jack had first picked up a broom at the age of five he had not been a natural flier. For some obscure reason the broom never seemed to respond to him without putting up a battle first and during those early days he had been much more likely to crash into the wall than to reach the height of the smallest tree in the O’Neill family’s overgrown garden. He recalled with a painful grimace the way the wood would shake beneath him and how when he would mean to go up, the broom would take this as a sign that it should plummet towards the earth. It was embarrassing to think of the fearful yells that would continuously escape from his lungs. If it was not for his Granda’s encouragement, Jack was positive he would have given up on the mode of transport long ago. Thankfully, throughout the course of the following six years Jack had improved enormously but he hadn’t escaped requiring a great number of flying-related injuries.

Those days were in the past as he strode purposefully into the Quidditch Pitch. Jack could not have been more confident about flying lessons. Unlike with the academic subjects this was something he had done countless times before. In fact Jack had been on the under twelve Quidditch team back home. He played Chaser and wasn’t bad at it either. Although, his coach has been adamant that his technique still required a good bit of polishing. Not that it mattered anymore, he thought moodily. They would have found someone to take over his position by now.Everyone was replaceable and you couldn’t hold a spot for a kid who’d be away most of the year.

Like many young boys Jack held dreams of Quidditch stardom and he wasn’t going to let one setback put him off. He was now determined to make the Lyra team even if he didn’t manage to bag his preferred position. He grabbed a school broom with giddy excitement.Jack could never afford something like a Ramos broom. His own broom was a Cleansweep, a couple of years out of date. If this wasn’t bad enough he also had to share it with his younger brother, Éammon. He was almost afraid to touch the Ramos broom. His hands felt unworthy of brushing against such a prestigious broom but he set it gently against the grass and sucked in a shaky breath. He was going to fly a Ramos!

Right hand outstretched he yelled fiercely, “Up!” The broom jolted into his hand with little difficulty and he proceeded to mount it. The sensation which followed the kick-off was indescribable. The wood responded to him with ease and Jack felt safe enough to soar up towards the hoops and test the speed of the broom. Already his hair was tousled and windswept but Jack didn’t mind. This was easily the best day of his life so far.

Omitting a loud, triumphant whoop he dived downwards in the direction of the stands. Not caring who heard him, the Lyra let out shout of pure joy before landing on his feet once more “This is DEADLY!”

“Sorry, I didn't quite catch that.”

Jack’s hazel eyes located the other boy and still grinning madly he sprinted over to him.

“Isn’t this just the best thing ever?” he said in his Irish accent without really looking for affirmation. “I mean actual Ramos brooms! C’mon like, I’ve never even seen one before and now-” he gestured towards the broom still gripped in his hand, “everyone back home is going to be livid with jealousy.”

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    • BEST DAY EVER! — John O'Neill (Lyra), Mon May 19 09:50
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