Estelle and Cooper Blair
Firstie Quidditch Lessons!
Sun Jun 1, 2014 12:04

"Well hey, this is a nice pitch," came the casual remark from somewhere up-and-to-her-left, the brown-haired man beside her carting along with ease a bulky crate tucked under his elbow while a broom swung from his free hand. "Can't say it's as nice as the beach course back at New Zealand Academy, but I also can't say I miss... huh, I don't even remember her name, now. Do you? The old bat, she used to keep us out to dark polishing the brooms after a match. Sand in your ears every time, I swear."

Shuffling around the pile of Beater's bats in her arms, Estelle made a noncommitted sort of noise in the back of her throat. Her younger-but-taller brother didn't seem to notice... that, or he hadn't been expecting otherwise to begin with. Either way, he continued on talking idly, reliving childhood memories while she helped him lug the school's Quidditch supplies from the shed and lay them out in neat piles at the centre of the pitch. It was a bit unorthodox to have Cooper here, as he was neither staff nor student, but it was admittedly also unorthodox for Estelle to be here, as she was neither Quidditch coach nor enthusiast. But such was life, and here they were.

Since her own arrival at the school, RMI Quidditch had been run by both coach-and-enthusiast Bailey. However, her friend had gotten married last year and picked up a spot in the professional leagues to boot. The school board was currently in the process of hiring a new Quidditch coach to replace her, but apparently there had been delays somewhere along the way. Estelle wasn't privvy to the exact details and she didn't feel the need to inquire about it. All she knew was that the request had gone out over coffee in the staff lounge for someone to temporarily help out with Quidditch and, everyone else busy with their own teaching schedules, it had been her hand up first to volunteer. Not so much because she had the time for it in her own schedule, but because she did, at least, have a brother who was athletically inclined, and Coop totally owed her one. (More than one, if you counted all the favours she'd done him over these recent years. Estelle wasn't counting - favours were what family was for - however, that phrase worked both ways, and asking this particular favour wasn't exactly a hard task for him.)

When the first-years arrived on the Pitch, they were greeted by the Australian siblings. "G'day, kiddos," Estelle started off, clapping her brother on the shoulder (or as high up to his shoulder as the tiny woman could reach). "Don't worry, I won't be teaching you today; your time with me is still limited to the classroom. Rather, today you're under the tutelage of my dear brother, Mister Blair--"

"--Cooper," he interjected with a grin. "Just Cooper is fine. Let's keep this informal. Now, let's see, who here has played Quidditch before?" Shooing her aside, which she did only too gladly (he could handle this part on his own, though she stayed nearby to help out if necessary), the wizard proceeded to lay down the basics of the magical sport. In experience and stature, Cooper Blair was well suited to this task. He was very much the embodiment of a stereotypical Aussie jock: tall muscled frame, deeply tanned skin, untrimmed hair curling in around his ears and thoroughly bleached in the top layers from long summer days. He even wore one of his usual floral shirts and his old green flip-flops, the rubber squeaking across the grass as he paced in front of the first-years.

After running through a quick introduction to the pitch, Cooper looked at a couple of the kids. "You two - want to help me pop open this crate?" The brunet crouched down to their level, overseeing as they slid open the various latches, and chuckled at the expected surprise from some of the gathered firsties when they saw how two of the balls inside were fighting to break free of their restraints. "Aye, those wild ones are the Bludgers; each team has two Beaters, who are in charge of giving the Bludgers a good smack with their bats at opposing players. Each team also has three Chasers, who pass around that red ball, the Quaffle, and try to put it through the hoops. For every goal they score, the team earns ten points. Of course, there's also a Keeper, who has to guard their goals and try to prevent opposing Chasers from scoring. And then finally there's this little guy here." Pulling on his gloves first, he withdrew the winged golden ball and held it up to show the first-years. "The final player on each team is the Seeker, and they have to hunt down the Golden Snitch. Catching the Snitch signals the end of the match plus one-hundred-fifty points to that Seeker's team.

"So to summarize, you've got seven players per team. Seeker, Keeper, three Chasers, two Beaters. At RMI every team also has a Mascot - like your personal cheering squad!" he laughed. There hadn't been mascots at his former school, but it sounded like a fun idea to him. Having now explained the positions of the game, Cooper moved on to listing off some of the rules (which was important to know, but boring to listen to, he well understood) before finally clapping his hands to grab their attention again. There were a few piles of equipment around them, which he pointed at in turn. "Lots of brooms over there; a few extra Quaffles thataways; Beater's bats there, very important for those of you wanting to play with the Bludgers; gloves over here, Seekers, do remember to wear gloves before handling the Snitch." Waving Estelle back over, he nodded to the kids. "M'kay, for the rest of class, you're free to test out Quidditch! Only do what you're comfortable with, of course. If you run into trouble, me and Estelle - sorry, Professor Blair," he corrected at his sister's glare, "will be right here for you."

OOC: Welcome, welcome! Note that if your firstie is interested in trying out for their House Quidditch team, you must attend this lesson. 200-word minimum, please, and remember that there are two adults keeping an eye on things, so don't write any serious injury; if you start to fall or otherwise need assistance, TAG Cooper or Estelle and they'll come help out. Otherwise, feel free to get creative and have fun with it! Happy writing!

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