Seth Jackson
Let’s see what you’ve got – Cetus Tryouts
Sun Jun 1, 2014 17:42

Seth leaned against the center post and scowled up at the blue sky as he waited. Last year, he’d come up with an elaborate plan, and put so much effort into trying to pick the best team possible. This year … he wished he’d just stayed in bed. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t care about Quidditch this year, it was that everything had changed.

He would put the brats through their paces, and choose the best ones, but his heart wasn’t in it. Not after the disastrous summer where everything in life changed for the worse. In truth, he was still in shock over the events and didn’t understand how he wasn’t in prison for the rest of his life. Seth glanced down at the new beaters bat and cringed in memory of what he’d done with the old one. It doesn’t matter, none of that crap does, focus!

While he’d been glaring down at his bat, the would-be players had arrived. Hard grey eyes, devoid of their normal humor and flippant nature, swept over the gathering. “Alright, nothing fancy this year. No points, no storm, none of that crap. Those who want to be Keeper, get up there and guard the goals. Chasers, try and make goals, Seekers, bring me the Snitch, and Beaters, try and knock everyone else out of the air.”

He waited for a second to see how the group digested his brisk instructions before he scowled at the whole lot. “Well? What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation, get going!” He threw the Quaffle into the center of the group, released the Bludgers and Snitch before flinging himself into the sky after the balls. He hadn’t stayed on the ground long enough for any of the new kids to ask questions. Well, that was fine. It would give him a good idea how they would react without much feedback.

Now that he was up in the air, his anxiety and dissatisfaction with life melted away. What did it matter that Jeff finally got his way and he was banished from his home? What did it matter that his brother had taken advantage and now he was in deeper than he ever thought he could be? Next summer was a life time away, so he didn’t need to think of any of that.

Turning his attention back to the try-outs, he found a Bludger and shot it at the nearest flying figure.

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      • Shouldn’t you be doing something?Seth, Tue Jun 17 19:45
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