Emily Wiggins
You know I'm ready!
Mon Jun 2, 2014 21:50

Emily smoothed her long brown hair back into a tight ponytail and smiled at herself in the mirror. The second year Cetus was practically buzzing with energy; nothing got her blood pumping like Quidditch did. Sure, she always had fun pulling pranks with Beka, but the adrenaline rush wasn’t quite the same as when she was flying through the air. As she suspected, it had become increasingly difficult for her to pay attention in class as tryouts approached, but with the help of her friends, Emily managed to stay on top of all her work.

Right before she headed down to the pitch, Emily grabbed her newest prized possession—a brand new Ramos broom that she had gotten over the summer. All summer long Emily had helped her parents around the house so that she could earn a little bit of extra allowance. The broom she had used last season was nice, but she wanted to be the best she could this year. She hoped that the Cetus team might be able to make it to the finals this season.

When she arrived at the pitch, Emily blinked at the clear blue sky. Last year she had to fight her way through a storm, but this year the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. She couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed; she often worked well under pressure. But it was no matter. This year she’d be sure not to slip around on her broom.

Seth barked out quick instructions which were devoid of his usual humor and sarcasm. The twelve year old briefly wondered if he was alright—she hadn’t talked to him much since last season, but he did seem a bit off. But before she could consider the matter further, Seth lobbed the Quaffle into the air and all other thoughts were forgotten. Emily’s instincts took over and she launched herself right after the red ball. Speed had been her ally last season—she tried to be the first to the Quaffle whenever possible, and now was no exception.

With the familiar weight tucked under her arm, Emily sped towards the goals where the would-be Keepers were beginning to gather. Suddenly she spun into a neat barrel roll to avoid a Bludger that had been coming towards her. Emily smiled to herself, proud that she had executed the move so smoothly. Usually she either lost momentum or her grip on the Quaffle when dodging Bludgers, but this time neither had happened. Risking a glance backwards, she noticed it was Seth that had hit the Bludger. She hoped that he had seen the maneuver she’d been working on.

Barely slowing down as she swept past the goals, Emily launched the Quaffle straight at the middle hoop. The speed and aim of her shot were both good, but it was still blockable. A good Keeper wouldn’t have too much trouble blocking it if they were quick enough. She’d have to throw something more complicated next time. Pulling up a good distance away from the goalposts, she squinted her eyes to see how her move had played out. Part of her was desperate for the Quaffle to have gone through, and the other part hoped that the potential Keepers were able to block a good shot.

  • Let’s see what you’ve got – Cetus TryoutsSeth Jackson, Sun Jun 1 17:42
    Seth leaned against the center post and scowled up at the blue sky as he waited. Last year, he’d come up with an elaborate plan, and put so much effort into trying to pick the best team possible.... more
    • You've clearly got problems. [Tag: Seth]Aerin Griffiths, Mon Jun 16 02:08
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      • Shouldn’t you be doing something?Seth, Tue Jun 17 19:45
        Once the freedom of the air closed around him, Seth’s agitation began to ease. It is worth it. As long as I can be here, it’s all worth it. The bat gave a satisfying crack against the bludgers and he ... more
        • Don't think this is over. Aerin, Wed Jun 18 01:26
          Every year Quidditch managed to become one of the biggest stresses in Aerin’s life. She despised drama, hated that the game became so bogged down by politics, and yet always found herself signing up... more
    • You know I'm ready! — Emily Wiggins, Mon Jun 2 21:50
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