Assistant Captain Kašpar Szyszko
Aquila Quidditch try-outs!
Tue Jun 3, 2014 13:04

"Von, two, tree, four, five..." The stout fourth-year chanted along brightly as he led the group of Aquila Team hopefuls through a small variety of exercises. His own personal routine was much more intensive when it came time to play real matches, but even for their tryouts session today it was still very important to do some proper warm-ups, and so he had started them off with a few minutes for stretching, then a running lap around the pitch. Now they were on his favourite part, push-ups and sit-ups. Kašpar flashed a wide, encouraging smile at those seated on the grass beside him, muscles tensing with pleasant strain, fingers interlaced behind his head as he curled forwards in steady rhythm to touch his elbows to his knees.

Whether or not all of his fellow Aquilas felt the need to join him in all of these exercises was up to them, of course. Those who had their own warm-ups, he had suggested when they were first meeting together on the Pitch today, were free to do them instead. Kašpar was a Beater through and through; one day he'd like to try out the other positions more seriously, if only so that he would be better able to lead the team, but right now, he didn't try to claim any exact knowledge of whether sit-ups were also beneficial for Seekers or push-ups were helpful to Chasers. All he could really do was invite them to join him in a simplified version of his preferred exercises as Beater.

"...and tventy!" he concluded, left elbow meeting the top of his right knee for the last time and withdrawing, shoulder blades sinking back down to the grass. "Zhat ees enough for now, da? So zhen since ve are all warmed-up and toasted, ve can be flying!" Rolling over, he pushed himself up and bounced to his feet, loose white-blonde locks falling into his eyes, which he absently flicked out of the way while spinning around to re-count his group and locate any players who might have gone off to do their own warm-ups. Everyone who had signed up this term had been on the team last term. The Belarusian thought that was both very convenient (it made it easy for him to pick out any newcomers who might have decided to drop in) and, more importantly, very exciting! It was cool having teammates who were just as keen on the sport as he.

Pulling the sign-up list out of his pants pocket, he skimmed the handwritten names for what was probably the tenth time since he'd pulled it off the Aquila noticeboard that morning. "Oo-kay, I tink eet vill be most easy for us to 'ave a mini-match." There were seven who had signed up, plenty for a mock game on their own and still easy to add more to should any other Aquilas show up. "Chasers can divide, 'alf on zhe offense trying to score and 'alf on zhe defense vith Jesse Keeping. Killian, you can use zhe practice Snitch, eef you vant," the slight protest except Seeker is already the Captain's spot he left unsaid, though his automatic look back towards Marcos perhaps made the thought clear, "or just be Beating and see 'ow close you can get to hitting vithout actually hitting, at least, not hitting too badly," he grinned. "And Mikey." Rereading the unknown word, he turned perplexed hazel eyes onto his yearmate with a shrug. "Erm, vhatever yoo-tih-lee-tee means...

"...Ooh, remember, everyvon, ve are still needing a Mascot, too! Zhat is also important!" His main attention was always the motion of players and balls, but where Quidditch was serious-entertainment, the Quidditch mascots were funny-entertainment, and did a great job of rallying up the crowd at matches. (Not that the perpetually peppy blonde really needed the extra rallying help, but still.) Instructions given, Kašpar pulled on his gloves and crouched to open the ball crate, tossing the Quaffle up to the nearest of the Chasers and making sure his bat was nearby just-in-case before snapping open the restraints of one Bludger. He could restrain himself to watching from the ground for only a moment before he was swinging a leg over his treasured broom Viecier and feeling the thrill of initial kickoff, keeping an attentive if only semi-critical eye on the players.

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