Captain Reece Campbell
Draco Quidditch Try-outs
Tue Jun 3, 2014 13:07

It was weird being back at RMI this year. It had been weird every year, but it was especially weird this year, and he couldn't even pretend otherwise. This fact annoyed him greatly. Of further annoyance was his apparent inability to simply stop thinking about it. In previous years, he had overthought to the extent that it hadn't seemed like thinking any more, because thinking resulted in headaches yet overthinking resulted in, well, resolution, black-and-white checkered grids that didn't require any real effort to work through. In recent years, his overthinking had diminished to occasional bursts of overthinking interspersed with occasional bursts of nothing at all, which had sort of balanced out, not quite a headache but also not quite like falling asleep, his neat chess pieces painted in rainbow shades that didn't make sense but also didn't change their true nature or form. This year, though? He didn't know what to expect.

Fortunately, though, he got a break from all that today. Quidditch was an aspect of RMI life that had somehow attracted him from the very beginning. A lot of things had changed over the years, but the weirdness of quidditch was so routine and predictable and just oddly familiar enough to be comfortable, and he wasn't exactly keen on having to run the team this year (leadership wasn't something he desired nor considered himself very good at) but he also wasn't exactly protesting (it provided an admittedly decent distraction). Hence, this particular weekend found Reece sitting cross-legged in the centre of the quidditch field, his borrowed school broom on ont side and various equipment pulled out of the shed on the other.

"Hey," he greeted his fellow Dracos, voice rather lacking in emotion as he unfolded lanky limbs and stood up. The fifth-year fully expected to find himself towering over most if not all of them; he had been well following in his father's footsteps (a twinge of emotion, there, at the thought of the man, which he suppressed yet again and dismissed with the rest of his annoyance at life) and his persistent grown spurt had by now carried him to practically a finger away from six feet. His height had never bothered him, although he was a habitual sloucher so perhaps that explained it, but he had to admit that he felt taller somehow without Niccolo there. The former Captain had graduated - and apparently taken half the team with him. Hopefully some other students decided to drop in at try-outs, because if only the ones who'd signed up in the common room came, well, they'd be a pretty tiny team.

"I know we all know each other, but we should start with introductions anyways, in case anyone new comes." Grey eyes skimmed the faces of his old teammates and then zoned out to the background of the field behind them, fisted hands stuffed into the pouch of his hoodie, feeling distinctly awkward. "So, I'll start, then? I'm Reece, I play seeker. It's my fifth year on the team. And I reckon I'm Captain now, though you don't have to call me Captain or anything, that's not necessary," he added in mild protest. If he was the oldest one here, maybe the title would feel more natural or acceptable for him, but the sense of superiority left over from his fifteenth birthday (only five years left to shed that 'teen' adage) was diminished by the current presence of seventeen-year-olds. He could hardly captain people with more quidditch experience, and life experience in general, than himself.

"Let's just keep this simple," he proposed once introductions were over. "Ben, you and I can work together; I'll get out a practice snitch for myself and we can free a bludger for you to smack around. Try to hit me with it, aye? We can get out both the bludgers for you if it goes well, or if another beater comes out to join us." Reece wasn't too concerned about actually getting hit - not because of Ben, the kid had a good arm, but being Seeker, he'd gotten fairly good at quick evasive flying when the need arose, as long as he paid enough attention to identify such a need. "And, uhm, Inigo, I guess you and Finn can just grab the quaffle and practice together. See if you can round up another chaser or a keeper." There were always random bystanders hanging out alongside the pitch; with any luck, some of them would have their interest piqued once the Dracos started flying. Or maybe they'd join out of pity for the small team. Genuine interest or simply pity; so long as they had a full team by the day's end, Reece wasn't feeling picky about it.

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