Benjamin Adler (beater)
Here to make an impression
Sat Jun 7, 2014 15:41

The second he arrived at the Draco tryouts Benjamin, released a bundle of feathers onto the pitch. Hubert, disgruntled with the roughness of this exercise, quickly waddled off in the opposite direction clearly giving Benjamin the cold shoulder. He had intended on leaving the animal in the rec centre- which the Draco did most days. However, a couple of older students had objected to the bird joining them for a swim and so Benjamin had been left with little choice but to bring him along to tryouts. His features were still frozen in a frown as he silently cursed the swimmers for messing up his routine. If he was lucky no one would question Hubert’s presence and things could continue uninterrupted.

He felt he was justified in being worried since he wasn’t sure what sort of Captain Reece would make. Although, he respected Reece’s skills in the air, Benjamin had always been weary of him. The fifth year was an eccentric and never gave the impression of being friendly or approachable. If he was honest, Benjamin might admit to being both scared and intimidated by Campbell. He had idolised Cap’n York and felt as though practice would never been quite as fun again. However, it was unfair to rate Reece before things had really started. He at least felt confident in retaining his position on the team. There had not been a lot of interest and Benjamin was growing more confident in his abilities on a broom.

Back in June, Ulrich had bought him a new broom for his birthday- a Lichtstreifen 360. RMI had plenty of great Ramos brooms but Ulrich insists German made brooms are the best and even if he was probably biased, after a few flights on the broom Benjamin was inclined to agree. He kept it shoved awkwardly under his arm until he reached the centre of the pitch and uttered a quick greeting to all his old teammates. The need for introductions he understood, but social interactions such as this one always made him uncomfortable. With an awkward cough he glanced down at his shoes and mumbled in his unmistakable accent, “Hallo, I am Benjamin...I play position of beater three years. Oh, an I am third year.”

Face now appearing quite pink he tried to look interested as the rest of the introductions were completed. In reality he was resisting the temptation to glance around for Hubert.

It was the mention of his own name that eventually returned Benjamin’s attention to the team, "Ben, you and I can work together; I'll get out a practice snitch for myself and we can free a bludger for you to smack around. Try to hit me with it, aye?”

Not many people called him Ben but Benjamin rather liked it. It seemed like having a nickname was some necessary initiation into a sports team. It also gave the impression the team was close and that encouraged the supporters to keep their hope for victory alive. Excited to begin, Benjamin grinned and replied, “Yes Cap- Reece.”

It felt wrong not to give Reece the title that showed his position of authority yet if Captain Reece said not to do it, then Benjamin wouldn’t. The minute Reece was made Captain it meant Benjamin would follow him into a swamp of fire breathing snake-otters, whether he trusted Reece’s judgement or not. Loyalty was vital for a successful Quidditch team though, so Benjamin would do his best to trust Reece.

Bat grasped securely in his left hand, Benjamin took off and quickly made for the bludger. He allowed himself only a moment to consider how strange it felt to be turning on his own teammate before getting stuck in. With a carefully aimed swing he brought the ball into contact with the wood. There was a satisfying CRACK and the bludger whizzed off.

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    • Here to make an impression — Benjamin Adler (beater), Sat Jun 7 15:41
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