Captain Riley Finn
Lyra Tryouts!
Sun Jun 8, 2014 12:15

Riley Finn was swamped and it was only the first few weeks of school. He was auditioning for the play, thinking about doing something for the talent show, working at the diner, working at the dance studio, and classwork. Throw on Quidditch and you have too much going on without enough time in the day. So, Lyra’s Quidditch tryouts were a bit later than the other houses.

It was Saturday at six. He figured it was after dinner and everyone could rest a bit. Riley was actually eating while standing on the Quidditch Pitch. He was looking over his list and wondering what he was going to. He knew that he and Logan were set in their positions as chaser and seeker respectively.

Aman would still be Keeper since he as the only one who signed up for that. Christopher was going to be Beater since he has signed up for it. That just left Rose, Devon, and Jack.

“Hey guys!” Riley said once everyone was on the Pitch. “Everyone but Rose, Devon and Jack welcome to the team. You three are all after chaser but there’s only two open spots and we have one beater spot open so you guys will try out for both spots. So Aman, fly on up let the three shoot against you. While one shoots Chris and one other will be trying to hit me with these.” he said holding up charmed tennis balls.

“Alright let’s do this!” he cried and flew up into the air, hoping Logan would watch the Chaser hopefuls shooting.

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    • Fighting for my future happiness Jack O'Neill, Mon Jun 9 16:08
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