Jack O'Neill
Fighting for my future happiness
Mon Jun 9, 2014 16:08

Immediately after arriving at tryouts Jack knew he was at a disadvantage. It appeared that he was the youngest one there. Age definitely went against a person when it came to sports. It wasn’t that Jack thought he was unskilled (he knew he was good) but the Captain might have established relationships with the others and he probably thought some first year wasn’t up to much. Ugh, he kicked out at the ground in frustration before calming himself down enough to join the rest of the would-be team members.

Jack’s mood was not improved when Riley revealed the only position people were trying out for was his coveted position of Chaser. Jack always played Chaser. When he played two-aside with his siblings, Jack was Chaser. He had been Chaser in the under-twelve team and was almost guaranteed the spot when he moved up to join the older Quidditch league.

Now, though RMI was messing with his life. There was only one thing to be done- Jack would need to prove himself. He took a few deep breathes to let go of his irritation and growing hatred for the other two students trying to nick his position. If he was going to be any good he’d have to be a team player and that unfortunately meant working with them. So, in order to make a decent impression and hopefully get a couple of people on his side he adapted a sunnier personality.

“Hey, everyone. I’m Jack and it’s great to meet you,” he smiled up at them all and turned towards his competitors with a friendly expression, “This should be fun, then?”

Before long the wind was whipping his hair back, and Jack was flying steadily towards the hoops with the Quaffle held securely under his arm. he quickly shot forwards as he approached nearer the goals and took careful aim. His hands shook a little with nerves but the first year tried to ignore it. Just a normal day, on the pitch. In no way does your future happiness depend on this...

And the Quaffle was surging forward with alarming speed. Jack screwed his eyes shut as it zoomed towards the left hoop. It would be just at a time like this his luck would fail him. After a moments hesitation he flung his eyes open, to see how things turned out.

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    • Fighting for my future happiness — Jack O'Neill, Mon Jun 9 16:08
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