Brielle Hawkins
Tryouts Lesgo
Fri Jun 13, 2014 07:54

Brielle took a deep breath of the pitch air as Kaspar led a jog around the field. Brielle loved sports, loved to exercise, loved running. She was more than happy to take a run around the pitch, whereas the other players (who she noticed were pretty much all from the team last year) didn't seem too enthralled. A quidditch pitch did seem much smaller on a broom than it did on foot, but that didn't bother the second year. When they reached the end of their job, Brielle didn't join Kaspar for his push-ups and sit-ups; she didn't think that a muscular exercise would help her get loose. So, instead, she stood in the same area as the group following Kaspar's lead, but she stretched out her arms and legs a bit more, and her back somewhat, too.

When Kaspar said they were going to have a small mock-game, Brielle smiled to herself. She loved little scrimmages. Today was just a great day; she had no idea why she felt so happy and eager to do everything, though she had a sneaking suspicion that it had to do with the fact that she was about to play quidditch for the first time during the school year.

Over the summer, Brielle had gotten taller, stronger, and really started to grow into her own body. She was much more comfortable handling the somewhat-large quaffle while flying, didn't feel nervous that she would drop it like she did last year. Kaspar opened the case with all of the quidditch balls in it and tossed the quaffle into the air, right to Brielle. She caught it and stored it between her left hip and her left arm as Kaspar got the rest of the scrimmage somewhat set up.

The players divided themselves into teams, and Brielle mounted her faded gray Glover 200 that she still kept from Evan. She didn't want another broom, even though the Glover was old and not the best she could have. Nonetheless, she was comfortable on it and could do anything that others could do on a fancy new broom.

After the teams were ready to start playing, Brielle shot into the air and tossed the quaffle to herself, looking for a player on her team. She quickly found someone who she thought was, in fact, on her team (it was difficult to tell because they didn't have specific colors or anything) and flew down the pitch, tossing the quaffle to her supposed teammate as she neared. She kept flying to keep up her momentum towards the rings where the keeper (she thought it was Jesse Ramos, maybe) was waiting. She watched diligently for bludgers coming towards her, as well as for another pass from her teammate.

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