Rosemary Stark
Time for Round Two!
Fri Jun 13, 2014 20:17

Rosemary hadn’t wanted to try out for the play this year. After she’d heard it could be a small cast, she hadn’t thought she’d make it. So instead of embarrassing herself, she decided she hadn’t wanted to try at all. There was one thing she knew she wanted though, and that was to be on the Quiddich team again. If she couldn’t act, then at least she’d still be able to, hopefully play her favorite game.

It’d felt like forever, and maybe it was, since she was a nervous first year. It seemed like eons had past to make her the less stressed out second year. She missed her brother, more than she had the year before. It wasn’t like he was at home anymore. She should miss him less now that they attended school together. Sure, she saw him in class. Sure, he wasn’t that far away. She could sit next to him at any of the meals, but she didn’t want to feel like she was imposing.

Her eyes brightened as she prepared for try-outs. She had a good feeling about this year—they would win. At least one match. As she made her way to the pitch, she smiled. It wasn’t very big—but then again, it never was, if she wasn’t celebrating something.

She grabbed one of the quaffles and flew into the air. She pasted it around between herself, it wasn’t very far, before throwing it at Aman.

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    • Time for Round Two! — Rosemary Stark, Fri Jun 13 20:17
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